Show Combos on sale now
Show Combos on sale now
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Apr. 4 - May 15
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Summer Drama Camp
Summer Drama Camp
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YPT’s 50th Birthday Bash!
YPT’s 50th Birthday Bash!
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..............YPT Founder..............
“Only the best
is good enough
for children.”
– Susan Rubes, Founder,
Young People’s Theatre
..............YPT Drama School..............
“These are
my people.”
– Kaitlin, Drama School
Student, age 13
..............YPT Artists..............
“There is NO
substitute for
live performance!”
- Fred Penner,
The Cat Came Back (2013)

YOUNG PEOPLE’S THEATRE (YPT) is the oldest professional theatre company in Toronto and is a national producer and presenter of theatre for young audiences – the first and largest of its kind in Canada. Over the past 50 years YPT has staged many of the most important plays that form the canon of work for youth in our country. YPT continues to develop new work and create partnerships with theatre companies across the country and around the world. But that’s not all. The enriched learning experiences of YPT’s Education & Participation Department provide young people with opportunities to develop their whole being. Through our workshops in community shelters and agencies, educational initiatives in Toronto classrooms, Drama School programs in four locations throughout the City,
YPT-Buildingand training and apprenticeship opportunities, we place learning at the centre of everything we do. At Young People’s Theatre we strive for a positive and lasting impact on the emotional, social, and intellectual development of young people – giving them the chance to grow into the unique and wonderful people they were born to be.

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