Artist Educators Training

The YPT Artist Educators Training is open to all artists interested in arts education and with a desire to further develop their pedagogical skills through practical training.

The first day is comprised of several modules, each with a particular focus. These include:

  • lesson planning,
  • fostering authentic engagement,
  • developing techniques for classroom management,
  • connecting learning to a specific text or arts experience, and
  • creating ensemble-based exercises.

The second day begins with refining the participants’ plans and culminates in putting what they have created into action by facilitating workshops for invited children and young people from neighbourhood schools. Throughout, participants will work alongside one another and in concert with the invited youth to reflect on what makes an engaging workshop.

Both novice and experienced Artist Educators are welcome. This program will provide professional development for those working in school and community settings across arts disciplines, but with a focus on theatre.

This training is made possible through funding from The Ada Slaight Education Centre at YPT. It is delivered by staff in the Education & Participation Department at YPT along with practicing experts in the fields of drama in education, applied theatre and community arts.

Upcoming Artist Educators Training:

Feb. 2 & 3, 2017
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Questions? Contact Aimee Bouchard, Interim Member Schools Manager at or 416.363.5131 x216.

Artist Educators Training photo
Artist Educators Training group, 2015

“Organized, productive, passion-fuelled workshops don’t just fall from the sky. If they did, I imagine you’d spend your days looking upward, arms wide open to catch them. Alas, they take a great deal of behind-the-scenes work, and I wanted to thank you for all the time and thought you invested in making yesterday’s workshop the great success it was. It was energizing and inspiring.” – RAE and playwright of Hana’s Suitcase, Emil Sher