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2017/18 Season On Sale Now

Artistic Director Allen MacInnis and Executive Director Nancy J. Webster are thrilled to announce the 2017/18 Season at Young People’s Theatre. It’s a year dedicated to the theme “finding yourself”, with 8 shows encompassing classics and cutting-edge work to help guide that journey. (read more)

Book by June 20, 2017 and save!

Educators can take advantage of the School Season Launch Special where weekday student groups pay just $13 each including HST (reg. $16) for the first 50 days tickets are on sale (until June 20, 2017) with one FREE teacher/chaperone ticket for every 20 tickets purchased.

Call 416.862.2222 x2 to book or make inquiries.



Created and Performed by Sharron Matthews
Produced by Sharron Matthews
Running time: approximately 50 minutes
STUDIO | Oct. 2-21, 2017 | Recommended for Grades 4-6

Shake off the haters, and celebrate the power of being your true self. An hour of pop, rock, funk, and story from the charming and effervescent Sharron Matthews! This award-winning stage, film and television performer builds a rapport with every audience member. Kids totally relate to her and critics agree: “Sharron Matthews is perfection!” – Toronto Star.

Curriculum Connections: The Arts (Drama, Music), Health and Physical Education (Mental Health & Emotional Well-being, Healthy Relationships)
Themes: Establishing your own Power, Overcoming Anxiety, Finding Joy in Music, Negotiating Peer Pressure
Character Education: Respect, Perseverance, Integrity


Written by Vern Thiessen
Translated by Brian Dooley
Directed by Mieko Ouchi
A bilingual co-production by Concrete Theatre and L’Unithéâtre
Running time: approximately 50 minutes
MAINSTAGE | Oct. 10-20, 2017 | Recommended for Grades 1-5

Imagine a time when there were no phones, no cars and no light bulbs – when the land stretched out like a quilted bed and the sky was like an ocean overhead. A lonely young boy named Bern gets lost traveling home from school during a snowstorm. He meets an old woman who has been shunned by the village. And from this chance encounter, Bern makes a discovery – about himself, his family and the importance of compassion.

Curriculum Connections: Kindergarten (Belonging and Contributing; Self-regulation and Well-being), Social Studies (Heritage and Identity, Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities; People and Environments, The Local Community), *French as a Second Language (French Language Performances only)
Themes: Seeing Beyond Stereotypes, Building Community and Family, Overcoming Loneliness, Exploring the Past
Character Education: Kindness and Caring, Perseverance, Empathy

The Young People’s Theatre Production of


Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Tim Rice, Book by Linda Woolverton
Originally Directed by Robert Jess Roth
Originally Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions
Directed by Allen MacInnis
Running time: approximately 85 minutes
MAINSTAGE | Nov. 6-Dec. 31, 2017 | Recommended for SK-Grade 12

What is there to learn from this beloved musical – this tale as old as time? Sometimes, the hardest thing in the world is to be who you authentically are. And sometimes it takes someone else to bring that out in you. This is a story of hope. Despite appearances, the pretty Belle and the cursed Beast are not what everyone assumes them to be. But their true selves could be revealed – if they can find each other in time.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Curriculum Connections: The Arts (Drama, Music), Kindergarten (Belonging and Contributing; Self-regulation and Well-being), Social Studies (Heritage and Identity, Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities; People and Environments, The Local Community)
Themes: Determining your Destiny, Finding Where you Belong, Self Discovery Through Positive Relationships, Building Connections Across Differences, Making Sacrifices for Others
Character Education: Fairness, Responsibility, Empathy


Written by Erin Shields
Directed by Dean Patrick Fleming
Produced by Geordie Productions
Running time: approximately 50 minutes
Content Advisory: Strong Language (including some swearing), Mature Situations
STUDIO | Nov. 28-Dec. 15, 2017 | Recommended for Grades 7-12

Meredith is a singer-songwriter intent on stardom. Jay is her friend, a gifted hockey player who aspires to play in the NHL. Rosie is raising money to pay for her father’s expensive medical needs. All three are competing to get noticed… and then the lightning-fast world of social media triggers an avalanche of controversy. Would you sacrifice your true identity to achieve your ambition?

Curriculum Connections: English (Media Studies), Computer Studies (Ethical Issues, Computers & Society), Social Sciences & the Humanities (Addressing Social Changes, Healthy Relationships, Equity, Diversity and Social Justice), Health & Physical Education (Social Influences; Decision-Making, Communication Skills; Technology – Benefits and Risks, Safe Use; Mental Health & Emotional Well-being, Healthy Relationships)
Themes: Seeking Fame and Recognition, Managing the Consequences of Online Choices, Establishing Identity amid Social Pressure
Character Education: Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, Cooperation


By Paul Ledoux,
adapted from the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Directed by Allen MacInnis
Running time: approximately 85 minutes
MAINSTAGE | Feb. 5-Mar. 17, 2018 | Recommended for Grades 1-7 

Gardens, like people, need sustenance and attention in order to thrive. In this beloved classic, Mary Lennox is sent from India to live with her uncle in Yorkshire. Left to wander his gloomy old manor, Mary lashes out at those around her. Then… she discovers a mysterious hidden garden. In taking refuge there, Mary uncovers secrets that, like her, need to be brought into the sunshine.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies (Heritage and Identity; Cause and Consequence, Continuity and Change, Patterns and Trends), Health & Physical Education (Mental Health & Emotional Well-being, Healthy Relationships), Science & Technology (Understanding Life Systems), The Arts (Drama, Music)
Themes: Healing and Transformation Through Friendship, Working Through Grief, Finding Hope, Accepting Others
Character Education: Empathy, Kindness and Caring, Honesty

RISKY PHIL (World Premiere!)

Written by Paula Wing
Directed by Stewart Arnott
MAINSTAGE | Apr. 9-27, 2018 | Recommended for Grades 4-8

Are you a risk taker? “Risky” Phil is extremely cautious. He has always lived with his colourful Aunt Gigi, a hairdresser with a flair for the dramatic. When a new client shows up, the story of Phil’s history starts to unravel and he discovers he isn’t the orphan Aunt Gigi always said he was. This comedy about fathers and sons challenges you to consider how much of YOU is actually determined by your roots.

Curriculum Connections: Social Sciences and Humanities (Family Studies; Healthy Relationships), Health & Physical Education (Personal Safety and Injury Prevention; Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours; Mental Health & Emotional Well-being, Healthy Relationships)
Themes: Managing Risk, Believing in the Capacity for Change, Navigating Father/Son Relationships, Honouring Commitment
Character Education: Responsibility, Honesty, Respect

SELFIE (English Language Premiere!)

Written by Christine Quintana
Directed by Stephen Colella
Running time: approximately 65 minutes
Content Advisory: Explicit Language, Mature Situations
STUDIO | Apr. 23-May 11, 2018 | Recommended for Grades 8-12

The first party of the school year comes packed with expectations. It’s a time to renew old friendships and perhaps find new love. But what happens when an incident shatters the connections between three friends? Teenage relationships are complicated enough – especially when you add the reckless power of social media. This smart and intense play delves bravely into the nature of sexual consent.

Curriculum Connections: Health and Physical Education (Thinking Ahead About Sexual Health, Consent, Personal Limits; Social Influences; Decision-Making, Communication Skills; Technology – Benefits and Risks, Safe Use), Social Sciences and Humanities (Healthy Relationships; Equity, Diversity and Social Justice, Gender Studies), Computer Studies (Ethical Issues, Computers & Society)
Themes: Understanding Consent, Negotiating Changing Relationships, Taking Responsibility, Challenging Public Perception, Maintaining Friendships in Conflict
Character Education: Honesty, Empathy, Respect


Created by Michelle Olson and Quelemia Sparrow
Written and Directed by Quelemia Sparrow
Choreographed by Michelle Olson
Produced by Raven Spirit Dance
Running time: approximately 55 minutes
MAINSTAGE | May 1-12, 2018 | Recommended for SK-Grade 5

As far as Margie is concerned, she is the best fisher in her family. Then one day she slips on the rocks and tumbles into the water. But instead of drowning, she sprouts fins and a tail and discovers she can breathe! Margie’s perspective changes as she learns from animals and elders, of her Indigenous forebearers, the Salmon People. This beautiful dance-drama encourages you to consider your own relationship to the world around you.

Curriculum Connections: First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Connections, The Arts (Dance, Drama), Social Studies (Heritage and Identity; People and Environments; Cause and Consequence, Continuity and Change, Patterns and Trends), Science and Technology (Understanding Life Systems, Understanding Matter and Energy, Understanding Earth and Space Systems)
Themes: Understanding Environmental Stewardship, Seeing Another Point of View, Completing and Cooperating, Learning from Elders
Character Education: Teamwork, Respect, Responsibility

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Q&As and Tools of the Trade

Following most of our performances here at YPT, we hold a Question and Answer (Q&A) period or a Tools of the Trade (TOTT) session in order to deepen students’ understanding of the subject of the play or of the dramatic process. Click here for more information

Subsidized Programs for Schools

Seats for Every Kid enables schools in low and mixed-income areas across the GTA opportunities to attend YPT productions by offering free and subsidized tickets. This program is made possible by the generous support of TD Bank Group.
TD Bank Group

Wish List

The Wish List Program enables schools in low and mixed-income areas to attend productions at YPT by offering a limited number of “rush” discounted tickets. Qualified schools submitting a completed Wish List form will be contacted approximately three weeks before their requested show dates and informed of the price and availability (discounts and availability vary per show).

Arts Impact

Arts Impact is an opportunity for students to experience a YPT performance and workshops at a highly subsidized rate. Arts Impact packages are offered to specific schools which are selected in consultation with the Arts Departments at the TDSB and TCDSB.  Each Arts Impact package includes a pre-show workshop, up to 60 tickets to a performance followed by a Q&A with the cast, and a post-show workshop. The pre- and post-show workshops guide students through a series of drama exercises as a way to more deeply explore show themes. They are designed to enhance students’ theatre-going experience. Each workshop is an hour in length and can take place either at YPT or the participating school. The maximum number of participants in a workshop is 30 students, so pre- and post-show workshops for larger groups are generally divided by class.

Arts Impact was offered for the following productions in the 2016/17 season:

Spirit HorseOct. 18-28, 2016 | Grades 4 to 8

SeussicalNov. 14-Dec. 31, 2016 | Grades SK to Grade 6

James and the Giant PeachFeb. 6-Mar. 18, 2017 | Grades 1 to 6

Boys With CarsMar. 23-Apr.1, 2017 | Grades 8 to 12

Munschtime!Apr. 17-May 14, 2017 | Grades JK to Grade 3

To inquire if your school is eligible for Arts Impact or for more information about specific performance dates and times, please contact: Amber Ebert, School & Community Programs Manager, 416.363.5131 x230 or

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